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Join Zaki, Faisal and Jamal, the Ashbal scouts on their adventures around the Muslim world – stopping to learn about the Islamic History of each destination AND relying on their faith and brains to catch crooks and solve mysteries along the way.  Their mission is to earn Muslim Scouting’s highest honor, the prestigious Ummah Badge.  In this volume, our friends visit Istanbul – where they learn about the beautiful masjid architecture of Sinan and they visit the Topkapi Palace Museum.  On their trip to Cairo they visit the Masjid of Ibn Tulun and Al-Azhar.  Five original songs are featured in the English version: Muslim Scouts Adventure, Gotta Get My Ummah Badge, Istanbul, Istanbul, Friend for the Sake of Allah and Falling from a Plane.Muslim Scouts Adventures: One The Fables of Bah ya Bah are back with all new and exciting tales of virtue. This dynamic sequel brings four more meaningful tales to life, which allows you to explore true international folklore. Each tale teaches a lesson such as not straying from your family, crime never pays, be kind to the poor, or learning from your mistakes. Each fable ends with a powerful Fables of Bah ya Bah: Two Come experience a taste of international folklore that is entertaining for the whole family! Fables of Bah ya Bah is a collection of the most splendid short stories from the Middle East. The ingenious adaptation of these stories into animation highlights lifelong values such as teamwork, positive attitude, good will, and compassion for animals. Fables of Bah ya Bah is packed with six different short stories, each fable concludes with a powerful musical rendition that reinforces the moral of the story. Fables of Bah ya Bah will have everyone singing along with its catchy tunes long after the movie is over! Soon to be the talk of the town, invite all of your friends to experience Bah ya Bah with you!Fables of Bah ya Bah : One
Join Tuva and his band of friends as they unite against incredible odds to help the youngest member of their gang over come a tragic accident. Pitted against the diabolical plans of a greedy local businessman and the menace of a local thug and his gang, the bonds of friendship are tested as even the closest friend is tempted by…the temptation of gold! Tuva: The Wealth of Salah Long ago in a city of splendour, there lived Salam, our heroic boy in the company of Hudhud, the funny hoopoe and Labeeb his trusty elephant. The three of them enjoyed fabulous adventures.
One day, Salam was tricked by the evil Saloon and his gang of wayward boys into helping him steal the charity money for the poor and needy.
Realizing his mistake Salam sets off in the hope of returning the stolen money to the Charity Fund and capturing the robbers.
Come join Salam and his faithful companions as they embark on a thrilling adventure full of action, drama and fun and see whether good finally triumphs over evil. Find out how the Knights of Virtue came to be formed.Salam and the Knights of Virtue Based on a true story that was narrated over 1400 years ago. The Jar deals with the epic struggle between good and evil. Set in an Eastern village, the story of the jar begins when a poor yet virtuous family discovers a lost treasure buried in a jar under their new home.
In their quest to return the jar to its rightful owner. Their attempts are foiled by a jealous and greedy neighbor who has his eye on the jar. 
A fascinating adventure ensues as The town-folk try to solve the mystery of the jar.
A truly magical film from the East that highlights the ethics and virtues every family values.
A charmging movie with lovable characters in funny situations, beautiful songs and stunning animations.The Jar
There is no doubt that this animated feature is didactic. The Knights of Virtue, led by Salam, are a group of young boys who stumble upon adventures that teach them clear lessons about life, e. g., “The Golden Rule of Teamwork.” Having said that, the lesson in this series example is a valuable one and the story of shrinking to the size of bees to acquire some of the Queen Bee’s jelly as an antidote to shrinkage is visually attractive and creates suspense. It’s all been done before, but the animation is above average and the lesson bears repeating.Salam And The Golden Queen While playing in the jungle, young Salam and his friend Mahmood the elephant find Hudhud, a talking bird. Salam befriends Hudhud and decides to take care of him. One day, a crew of evil pirates attack Mahmood and kidnap Salam. Hudhud races to inform SalamSalam's Journey Taking you back in history to the 13th century, the story of Ain Jaloot recounts the remarkable true-life saga of a man who was born a prince, struggled as a slave, and left his legacy as King. This full-length feature film documents the life of Seifuddin Qutoz as he overcomes many obstacles in his life during one of the most challenging episodes in IslamLion of Ain Jaloot
This is an animated story of Obaid, a boy who tries to teach his people to worship Allah alone, but is opposed by a powerful and arrogant king. While Obaid is the apprentice of an evil sorcerer, he learns about the oneness of God from a pious monk. The boy struggles to teach this truth to others, but his wicked king tries desperately to kill him.
The story is taken from an authentic narration of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) which explains the reference to ‘The People of the Ditch’ (Ashab-ul-Ukhdood’) in Surah Burooj (Qur’an 85:4)The Boy and the King The epic animation that has captured the hearts of thousands of Muslims of all ages! ItFatih - Sultan Muhammad In their continuing quest to earn Muslim Scouting’s highest honor, the Ummah Badge, Zaki Faisal and Jamal travel throughout East Africa, from the ancient Muslim ports of Mombassa, Kenya and the Comoro Islands to Harare, Zimbabwe and Sofala, Mozambique.  With the help of their young African counterparts, like Al-Hafidh Ahmed Mazrui and Salih Bamba, they learn to “trust in Allah and do their best”.  In this volume they stop animal poachers, help a scientist save his research, rescue a shipwrecked sailor and solve the mystery of the stolen gold about the important work of the African Islamic Wildlife Association (AIWA).  Featuring those famous Muslim Scout jokes and four original songs.  The title track “Scouts in Africa” “Animals are Muslim Too,” “Trust in Allah and Do Your Best”, and The Traveling Scouts, children are sure to play this video again and again. 70 minutes, Ages 4 to Adult.Muslim Scouts in Africa - Vol 2
Habil & Qabil (Cain & Abel) is a 40 minute animated film based on the works of Sayyid Qutub, which in-turn were based upon the revelations of the Holy Quran. This is a high quality 3D modelled animated film. It is the story of the sons of Prophet Adam (pbuh) and how one came to kill the other being spurred by the evil whisperings of Shaitan. Habil And Qabil